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From: Aleks George Srbinoski
Re: Your New Life

Dear Success and Happiness Seeker,

YES! You Can Conquer Your Fears, Get Control of Your Life
and Reach Your Full Potential…

Whether you are new to self development and coaching or
you are a growing professional who just wants that extra edge
over life, I can help you reach your personal, business or
relationship goals fast.

You will become more productive, energized, focused,
assertive and confident. You will know what you want,
and have a crystal clear plan of how to get it.

Here are Just a Few Ways You Can Change Your Life…

  • Take control of your life by enjoying and learning simple, quick, easy and fun conscious and unconscious programming strategies to sharpen your focus and increase your motivation.
  • Overcome your fears and eliminate the power of negative thoughts and feelings
  • Sharpen your mental awareness and reflexes so you can respond effectively to any negative trigger and manage any type of stress
  • Reshape the very structure of your brain and set yourself up for success by developing your emotional awareness and intelligence.
  • Become a natural leader by understanding the deep motivations and desires of others so you can easily produce peak performances in yourself and instigate powerful performances in others too.
  • Let go of any unnecessary guilt, or any of the ineffective conditioning that has led to self sabotaging behaviour.
  • Uncover The Solution To Any Problem with Advanced Step By Step Problem Solving Procedures
  • Set inspiring and achievable goals in some or all the key 15 key areas of your life
  • Change your self-perception completely by creating a truly positive self image and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Please Don’t Waste Your Time and Money and Work ONLY With a Credible Coach With a Proven Track Record in Practical Psychological Intervention

On every corner of the internet, I see people with poor credentials selling ‘magic beans’. Informational ‘how to’ products are in high demand and unethical people with massively hypey sales pitches and no real training are taking advantage of honest self development seekers.

Let me ask you…

Would you go to a Quack claiming to be an expert in medicine after they completed a weekend course?


There is a reason why Doctors can spend up to 10 years or more in training before they are fully qualified.

I’m not saying don’t ever do a weekend course, or gain a short certification. If you want to do it, do it, but don’t think that you can master a discipline in a few days.

I have numerous psychology based certifications. Some were good, others not as good. I have certifications in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and even Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which, if you believe many hype-filled marketers out there, could be the miracle breakthrough system that could give you ‘Jedi Knight’ like powers.

Of course, I am joking and I don’t mean to be unfair. The reality is all major psychological disciplines have value and potentially powerful life changing tools in them, including NLP.

My point is if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

There is one other qualification I should probably mention. This one didn’t take 3 days, 3 months or even 3 years. My Australian Clinical Masters Degree in Psychology awared with Disintinction took 6 years to complete and just like a real Doctor has to, I’m still training and developing.

As a real Psychologist, I’ve had the privilege of working in just about every psychological field you can think of. Clinically, I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome depression, anxiety, anger relationship problems and other deep psychological issues. I’ve given highly regarded organizational trainings on stress management, productivity, communication, relationship-building, peak performance and happiness.

I’ve worked in rehabilitation, disabilities, neuropsychology and with children.

However, my favorite area is coaching.

I tell you, I must love it, because I spent over three years developing my Fulfilling Happiness coaching systems and a large part of that time was spent researching all the major positive psychology and other coaching literature that I could find.

It was through all that cutting edge research and application with personal clients, as well as the insights I’ve gained in being able to interview multiple award winning, new york times best selling authors in the areas of self development and business (who collectively have sold 10’s millions of books), that I was able to create my unique fulfilling happiness positivity pillars coaching model.

Here is a very quick summary of the core parts of the model. As you go through each piece, imagine how you could utilize these principles to revolutionize your life.


This Coaching Pillar refers to learning how to deepen your enjoyment of life.

Are you finding enough pleasure in the game of life?

Are you consistently immersing yourself in pleasurable sensory experiences and in the process of learning, loving, and laughing?

Life is to be enjoyed, but few take the time or know how to fully experience it.

You will learn easy and effective stress management, work-life balance, meditative and relationship building skills.

You can develop the ability to let go of stress instantly and feel the full pleasure of any moment and any experience, whenever you like.


This Coaching Pillar refers to Positive Power or Empowerment.

Develop an inspiring, optimistic and empowering belief system that forces you to seek and find success

Imagine redeveloping your entire belief system simply and easily so you can create a mindset where you can calmly and effectively overcome any problem.

You will learn how to develop a deep sense of personal pride and an unshakable sense of certainty in your ability to create a fulfilling future no matter what problems you may be facing.


This Coaching Pillar refers to Peak Performance.

Do you know how to manipulate your mind and body so you can consistently perform at your peak and open the kind of doors you never dreamed possible?

What will important people say about you as they start to notice your consistent achievements and ever increasing levels of confidence?

Whether you need to impress your boss, attract a partner, or make a sale, you can with the simple tools taught become incredibly influential, dynamic and effective in the way you present yourself, solve problems and pull others towards your point of view.


This Coaching Pillar refers to you using your natural strengths.

Do you have enough flow experiences?

Flow happens when you are working on a task and you get so into it that everything just falls into place and it becomes effortless and intensely enjoyable.

How does it feel when you are doing what you love to do?

I will show you how to uncover your natural strengths and skills and use them to find more intense and consistent states of flow than you have ever experienced. When you love what you’re doing, success and fulfillment is inevitable.


This Coaching Pillar refers to developing an abundance focused mind.

All kinds of wealth, including financial are defined, developed and determined by your mindset.

Do you have a financially creative mind that allows you to feel prosperous at all times and is trained to capitalize on ethical financial opportunities?

You deserve the maximum reward for the total of the value you produce and the opportunities you find.

Imagine learning how to become truly wealthy, where you can now afford your dream lifestyle, but you also feel rich and satisfied all the time.


This Coaching Pillar refers to influence skills.

Do you know how to avoid being manipulated by others and take the lead?

Understand what moves people at the deepest level. Once you uncover someone’s deepest fears and greatest ambitions, you can become immensely influential.

How amazing will it be when others happily follow your ideas and start showing you more and more respect and attention both at work and home.

You can learn the science and art of positive persuasion where you simply and naturally lead others towards higher emotions and better choices.


This Coaching Pillar refers to discovering how to live a meaningful and extraordinary life.

Do you know what you really want and what you are truly capable of?

If you want success, fulfillment, true wealth and happiness, then you must have a meaningful purpose. One that not only serves yourself, but others too.

Everyone needs direction or they become lost and confused.

The more specific the map, the higher the motivation and chance of success.

You will learn what your true values are, set inspiring goals, develop a greater identity and find the fulfillment and success you seek. Then you can use all that you have learnt to transform the lives of others too.

Quality Books and Information Products Are Fantastic Tools, But One-On-One Coaching Will Take You to A Whole New Level

As you can imagine, I am a huge fan of quality self development books and products. I will always recommend that people get their hands on as much credible training as possible. In fact, I examined my own non-university education expenses and I spent over $15000 in one year alone on books, programs and seminars.

There are some really good programs out there by the few real professionals who really want to serve you and put in the time. But there is no one program, even my own incredibly comprehensive Fulfilling Happiness System that took well over two years to create, that can compare with individualized coaching.

There are also many ‘big shot guru’ coaches out there charging up to $25000 or more for coaching and you don’t even get to work with them personally. Instead they get a ‘qualified trainee’ (probably did a 3 day course) to force feed you lines from the guru’s products.

On the other hand, you have the slick sales masters who have no real qualifications or experience (maybe these ones did a 5 day course) who offer incredible deals and offer overgeneralized undirected fluff.

When you join my coaching program, the only person you deal at all times is me. I am the one who personally guides you every step of the way in the latest transformational strategies specifically adapted to serve your unique personality and situation.

No Contracts, and a Full 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guranatee

My introductory pricing is very reasonable, and extremely low in comparison to coaches who sell programs at seminars.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about any additional seminar expenses such as air fares, travel, accomadation, food or constant sales pitches. You can work with me over the phone or through skype from anywhere in the world and I always offer a full satisfaction 100% money back guarantee for any service I provide.

You are always in full control and can cancel your membership at any time.

That being said, apart from a free trial session which I on occasion offer, I will not be freely giving away my time or working with people who aren’t ready to fully invest in themselves and in the coaching process.

Fulfilling Happiness coaching isn’t for everyone and I always reserve the right to choose who I work with.

Coaching can be a lot of fun, but not always! You will be challenged to grow. I only work with people who are genuine, ethical and serious about changing their life and making a real contribution in this world.

Please Note: Fulfilling Happiness Coaching is not for people with unethical ambitions, a diagnosable mental illneses or someone with major financial restrictions. Please seek the appropriate help in those areas first before considering coaching. Coaching is a goal directed process for individuals and professionals who are at a place in their life where they have their vital needs met and have the basic resources to take their life to the next level and beyond.

I Will Not Promise You Success

I will not promise you success, because coaching is a collaborative process. It takes two to tango. If you join the program but you are not willing invest the time and effort, you will not achieve the results you want and you will be wasting my time, which is the one thing I will not tolerate as a coach.

My guarantee is that I will give you my all to serve you, and each individual session has a complete money back satisfaction guarantee attached to it. If you are not satisfied by the end of any session, I will refund what you paid for it. I think you would have to agree that is as fair an arrangement as you’ll get from any coach.

Take Control and Get the Confidence to Choose Your Own Path.

Before my coaching experience with Aleks, I had a lot of self doubt. I was a student at the time and I felt that I did not have control of my life. I was failing my studies and I felt I just couldn’t ask for help. Everybody seemed to be telling me what to do and who to be.

But after beginning coaching, things started to change much more quickly then I expected. I started to see things so much more clearly. I became more assertive and goal focused. I ended up doing very well in my studies, with some of my grades increasing above 30%. But more importantly, I started to feel proud about what I was doing and other people noticed it.

I’ve gone on to use the tools I have learnt in many ways. I now have a small business that might not be small for much longer. The biggest thing is people don’t question my decisions now, because they know that whatever I choose, I can be successful in it because of the work ethic that I have, the drive, the committment, and determination.

My whole outlook has changed from ‘what’s wrong with me’ to ‘I deserve this’. I now can tell other people about my dreams with confidence and passion, so then it seems realistic and impressive. And the conviction comes from the way I hold myself, or the way I speak about these things. It’s not like I have to make an argument of how its going to be possible or how I will become that or do that, its how far I’ve worked and how far I’ve come that make it believable.

(Jim L. Further details withheld on request).

Please Note: Coaching is a confidential arrangement. I only would ever release someone’s name or other details if they want me to.

For more testimonials by people who I have trained, coached and gone through my programs, please click here to see the video

If you are ready to change your life, and you are committed to doing whatever you have to do (within reason of course) to make the changes you know you need to make to get full empowering control of your life, then don’t wait another second and contact me right now.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect my time as much as I respect yours. Although there’s definitely NO cost or obligation for the initial coaching session if you have a coupon code, I ask you to acknowledge this is NOT a FREE SERVICE—in the event you decide to become a coaching client. Costs vary depending upon the amount and nature of work we choose to do together. We can get started for as little as $600 a month.

ONE FINAL NOTE: This service is not for you if you you’re currently suffering with a severe level mental disorder. If you state that you are having mild difficulties with depression or anxiety, you may be considered as long as it is deemed (at my discretion) that it will not interfere with the coaching process and that you are seeking the appropriate treatment for those issues elsewhere.

Fairness Terms: I Do Reserve The Full Right To Not Coach You If I Conclude For Any Reason That You Are Not An Appropriate Candidate For This Service. Before receiving a free session, you may be asked to fill out a short questionnaire and you may not be granted a free session if you are deemed unsuitable for the service. Unless otherwise specified, once an individual has claimed a free session through any offer, they will no longer be eligible to claim a free session again.

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5 Powerful Reasons To Begin Fulfilling Happiness Coaching Today

If You Want Any or All of these Benefits in a Coaching Service, Then Don’t Wait Any Longer, Go Back and Fill Out the Contact Form Now.

Fill Out the Contact Form Now If You:

      1. Want to conquer your fears, get control of your life and reach your full potential.

2. Want to become highly motivated, energized and focused and develop a clear, simple and easy to follow life empowerment plan that will allow you to achieve your goals in record time.

3. Want a credible, proven and research based life coaching experience catered to your own unique personality and delivered to you personally by its actual creator.

4. Want affordable, high value coaching from a real results driven psychologist who offers a risk free 100% satisfaction money back guarantee for every session.

5. Want to change your life now but still may be unsure. You should still contact me with your questions while the current round of coaching offers are still open.

PLEASE NOTE: I can only coach up to 20 people at a time. I still have a clinical practice to run, a radio show and all the other books, programs and content I continue to produce. Once all spots are snapped up, you could be stuck on a very long waiting list unable to get the guidance you need to take your life to the next level. You DO NOT want to feel the regret of letting this transformational opportunity pass you by.

To Your Success and Fulfilling Happiness,

Aleks Srbinoski

P.S. As I said I am here to help you get exactly what you want from life. Whether your goals are personal or professional, I will personally guide you to a new level of living and being.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please use the above form.

Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to present this service and it’s potential benefits accurately. Any claims of specific results or actual earnings are able to be verified upon request. Any examples or testimonials are outstanding results and are not intended to guarantee or represent that average purchaser will achieve the same or similar results. Each person’s success also depends on his or her current psychological abilities and commitment to the process. As with any coaching service, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will benefit emotionally or financially from the coaching process.