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Aleks George Srbinoski is a #1 bestselling author, speaker and multidisciplinary psychologist focusing on mental health, success, happiness and entrepreneurship. He is currently the principle psychologist on the ‘Dr Christian Will See You Now’ show on channel W for UK TV. To view his books go to http://ow.ly/Fg1tQ

My Mission – Your Happiness

Before we dive into the formal bio, I think it’s important for you to learn a little about how I think and what I believe.

I believe in the incredible potential of people and that they are essentially good.

You are good potential-filled individual and I thank you for visiting.

I am also convinced that life is amazing but a great existence must be earned. We all have our struggles.

We all lose loved ones, face devastating failures and experience crippling rejections. I know I have! Through those trials by fire we either crumble, falling prey to our fears or solidify our resolve.

Modern living is difficult to navigate. The stress and speed of it is often overwhelming. My ambition is to help you live the way I know you deserve.


Recent biography about Aleks George Srbinoski

Aleks George Srbinoski (Aleks George for short) is a London based #1 bestselling author, speaker, business trainer and multidisciplinary psychologist, focusing on mental health, success, happiness and entrepreneurship.

Known as the “1 session coach”, Aleks uses the “2 minute mentality” to quickly assess core issues that affect company staff. His “2 minute techniques” seamlessly integrate with daily tasks to enhance productivity and performance.

Previous #1 bestsellers include “Destiny Defining Decisions” where he interviewed leading entrepreneurs from around the world with a net value of over $300 million and asked them “What was the best life changing decision they have ever made?”, “Happiness Up Stress Down,” involving a 2 week, 2 minutes a day happiness challenge that has been transforming the happiness levels of businesses and schools and his latest and most successful book is titled “Maximum Mental Health”. As a life enhancement manual, it covers every core area of living well and not only teaches people how to overcome stress, anxiety and depression but also offers dozens of key self-improvement strategies for happier and healthier living.

He has previously created his own Australian self-development TV show that was broadcast on Foxtel and often contributes to media and popular magazines in Australia and abroad in matters related to business and psychology. In the past he has been a key opinion leader and happiness expert for Vodafone’s World of Difference Campaign, been a guest on major radio stations in New York, Chicago and California and offered a bi-weekly segment on happiness tips and training for
the #1 news radio station in Chicago USA.

The Fulfilling Happiness Website and Blog focus on:

Personal Growth: You need to understand your mind and your potential and utilize the skills and principles required for developing a fulfilling life.

Influence: I want you to be confident and exciting communicator and be able to easily and elegantly share your message with others in a way that makes a lasting impact in any environment.

Entrepreneurship: You deserve to have full control of your destiny and to build a lifestyle that is emotionally and financially rewarding.


I want you to find fulfilling happiness and feel like a superstar everyday.


P.S. On a personal note, I love story telling, both dramatic and comedic and especially told through film and fiction. You will see these personal loves of mine coming through again and again in my work.

I’m a movie-loving, positive celebrity studying, impractical joker who wants to have some fun and share the psychological secrets of greatness with you.

Older biography about Aleks George Srbinoski

Aleks George is the creator of the most comprehensive modern Success, Wealth and Happiness multi-level learning self-development system ever created.

The name of that system is Fulfilling Happiness.

He is also the creator of the Success Secrets Series and frequently conducts in-depth interviews from successful and inspiring people from all over the world as part of his Positive People Interview Series.

His new internet radio show ‘The Fulfilling Happiness Edge’ was also a great success and can be found on itunes and other podcast platforms.

Aleks now lives in London but is Australian, and the majority of his experiences and qualifications have occurred there.

He has a 6 year Australian (UK recognized) qualification in Psychology. He has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology Awarded With Distinction and still operates as a Clinical Psychologist. He also has a keen interest in Positive Psychology.

He is also Certified Hypnotherapist and an Online Life Coach. Aleks has attended some of the best life coaching and business trainings on the planet and is known as a Happiness Expert.

He has provided in-depth trainings to organizations on stress management, wellness, relationship-building, productivity and happiness in the workplace.

He was the sole psychological Employee Assistance Provider for an Entire Organization – a role usually reserved for multiple people in larger firms.

Thousands of people have transformed their lives using Fulfilling Happiness strategies!

In just the last year before launching his new advanced Fulfilling Happiness System (who knows what has happened since)…

He has been interviewed and written about in newspapers

Was a spokesperson for mental illness prevention and treatment on radio

Interviewed in depth about the keys to happiness on radio

Asked twice to be on a guest on an Australian TV talk show

Created his own TV show titled ‘Fulfilling Happiness with Aleks’

And finally…

Was tracked down and asked to be a spokesperson for the Australian component an incredible goodwill campaign that runs all around the world.

After becoming aware of his encouragement of charitable contribution, he became the Key Opinion Leader and Happiness Expert for Vodafone’s World of Difference Campaign in 2010, where one lucky person each year is granted a $75000 scholarship to work for a charity of their choosing for a year.

His Happiness Strategies were used in numerous radio recordings and…

In a number of Press Releases.

Thousands of people have transformed their lives using Fulfilling Happiness strategies!