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Happiness Edge Eve AdamsonIf you have ever considered writing a book, now would be the perfect time. It has never been easier to write and produce a book for mass consumption. Of course, that does not mean it will be any good or reach a wide audience, only that it is easier to accomplish. However, if you are truly motivated to become an expert in your chosen field, then great opportunity awaits.

According to freelance author of over 50 books Eve Adamson (pictured left), part of knowing how to break into a new field is being very aware of your current skills and future requirements for success. Success demands you to truly examine yourself and create the right kind of internal pressure in order to begin forging a new career path.

Part of the requirement is that you find and work to truly understand your field of endeavor. To assist you with that process, here is a powerful 4 step process.

Finding the Right Training and Building a Business Model Around Your Passions Process

1. Brainstorm and select – Write down a list of your personal and professional interests. Then choose the one thing you would like to learn more about, and/or learn how to turn into a business.

2. Research – Go to your preferred internet search engine and type in key phrases related to your area. Examples are:

  • How to make money doing X (e.g. selling recipes)
  • How to become a successful X
  • How to make money by being an expert on X
  • Who are the best (leaders) at X
  • Training courses in X

3. Sifting and Culling – Gather the top 10-20 applicable search results for each key phrase. Before purchasing anything, examine all the free information across all the categories. Be aware, that much of it may be of poor quality, which is why you need to look at all of it. Then look at the biographies and successes about the person/company who has created the information. Cull mercilessly and create a short list of potential programs.

4. Decide on the best fit – Choose only one program and commit to completing it fully before considering anything else. Look for the program/person that best compliments your values, ideas, beliefs and budget. Be realistic with your budget, don’t just go for the cheapest or the most expensive option. Balance all the factors, especially the credibility of the program.

Additional points: (a) To be safe, whatever timeframe or cost is associated with success, triple it.
(b) If you really want local, hands on or one on one training, go through the same process but click on local search options on your internet search or add the name of your town in your key phrase searches.

To understand more of the changes happening in the publishing world and listen to Eve Adamson’s inspirational story and advice about how to forge a new career path, my interview with her can be heard by clicking here.

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